Hey all,

I gave myself some time to make this decision and at this point I am sure what I want to do with this comic therefore I wish to announce that Hellcephira is going to be discontinued.

After a long time of thinking about this comic, I came to the conclusion that Hellcephira is way too long and complicated to be a webcomic and I don’t have time to re-make it into something else anymore (I also said that this version of the comic is final and if this one fails, I will not make another remake and I want to stick to that). Having that said, I want to tell you what is going to happen in the future. Some of the characters who didn’t get their chance to appear in the comic, along with some that already did appear, they will be put in future projects.

Princess Omikraya will get own short illustrated novel.
Raajimera the Snake Queen and Thornasolei the Sun Goddess will get their own short comics. Anshrilda, Rallosameer, the rest of the Great Council, Lady Ymreiva, Lord Lwiviear and Parent Time will get their own comic series much later in the future.

For now Working Around is going to be my main comic series. I currently co-author another comic called Kiss from a Rose.

Thanks to everyone who was reading Hellcephira, it has been quite an adventure!