Hellcephira (hell-seph-eera) derives from the ancient language (usually incorrectly referred to as ancient hellcephiran).
The word literally means “Heart of Fire” (hell– heart; ce-of; phira-fire) and it refers to the first nickname of the founder of the kingdom.

Hellcephiran people use it as the name of their kingdom. Even though their language has changed over thousands of years, the name remains unchanged.

Hellcephira is planned to be a long-term comic. The story consists of two main plots: “The guardian and the guard” as well as “The tale of Parent Time”.


There was a boy who liked a girl, but her earthling form died and her soul went back home.

Well yea, this is pretty much the plot, but meanwhile there was some kind of disturbance in space and it’s up to the Great Council to find out what it is and put an end to world imbalance! What is it? What does it have to do with the boy and the girl? Who the heck is Parent Time? Well, discover the vast universe of Hellcephira!

The guardian and the guard

There is a world where people are able to split their bodies and souls in order to capture and unborn human body and live a life as avatars. They need to do that in order to collect energy to keep their beloved home land safe. Usually people who had several avatars can become a guardian of someone new to this… usually. This time one young boy became a guardian simply because he was a prince. He broke many laws and fell in love with the girl he should be taking care of. One day his brother used his powers against him just to do a prank and caused her death. This seems like the end… but it’s only the beginning.

The tale of Parent Time

Two great entities – Essence of Life and Essence of Death started to lose their memories. This could mean the end of the universe. Unless their servants – The Great Council of Kreyilon find a way of bringing back their memories that is.